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About Me: Approach and Expertise

I have a Masters in Arts in Professional Counseling. I am licensed in Michigan with supervision credentials. My areas of special training and expertise include: adolescents, adults, couples, ADD/ADHD, behavioral issues, general issues, trauma and abuse.

I have an eclectic approach to therapy. Meaning I will use the best approach that would be most beneficial to your mental and emotional health. I have extensive experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Existential components. This is a philosophy of identifying irrational or faulty thoughts in order to change behaviors. Counselors of this approach believe that your thoughts have a direct correlation to your behaviors. So, if we change the thoughts we can change the behaviors. I use a variety of techniques in therapy, trying to find what will work best for you. These techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretation, cognitive reframing, awareness exercises, self-monitoring experiments, visualization, journal keeping, drawing, and reading books. If I propose a specific technique that may have spe cial risks attached, I will inform you of that, and discuss with you the risks and benefits of what I am suggesting. I may suggest that you consult with a physical health care provider regarding somatic treatments that could help your problems. I may suggest that you get involved in a therapy or support group as part of your work with me. If another health care person is working with you, I will need a release of information from you so that I can communicate freely with that person about your care. You have the right to refuse anything that I suggest. I do not have social or sexual relationships with clients or former clients because that would not only be unethical and illegal, it would be an abuse of the power I have as a therapist.

Therapy has a way of helping you identify and address feelings and unresolved issues. The emotional risks include being vulnerable, feelings of being scared or even different beliefs. Working through this nervousness will allow you feelings of freedom in the end. Sometimes you will have to make changes or even make some hard decisions. The point of therapy is to have someone sift through feelings, emotions and thought processes with you. Most people who take these risks find that therapy is helpful.

I am away from the office several times in the year for extended vacations, professional meetings or teaching assignments. If I am not taking and responding to phone messages during those times I will have someone cover my practice. I will tell you well in advance of any anticipated lengthy absences, and give you the name and phone number of the therapist who will be covering my practice during my absence. I am available for brief between session phone calls during normal business hours. If you are experiencing an emergency when I am out of town, or outside of my regular office hours (after 5 pm weekdays or over the weekend), please call your local Crisis Clinic. If you believe that you cannot keep yourself safe, please call 911, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for assistance

Ph.D - Counselor Education and Supervision

License, Certifications & Awards

National Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor - Michigan and Colorado

Approved Clinical Supervisor

Additional Training

Professional Activities and Memberships
Member of Chi Sigma Iota International Counseling Society
Member of the American Counseling Association (ACA)
Member of the Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors (ACES)
Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

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