Clinical Supervision

I am pleased and excited you are interesed in selecting me as your clinical supervisor and look forward to a productive relationship. This supervision statement is designed to acquaint you with my qualifications as a supervisor, to provide an overview of the supervision process, and to inform you my supervision model.

The definition of supervision is a process where one credentialed individual is selected to facilitate the professional development and therapeutic competence of another person or persons. According to the Center of Credentialing and Education (2013), a clinical supervisor is counseling professional who have met “approved national professional standards, promoted the professional identity, visibility, accountability and encourages professional growth of an approved clinical supervisor” (CCE, 2013). Just like in counseling on counseling model is not a fit for every supervisee. I pair the Bernard discriminative and the cognitive supervision model in which I will move from counselor, consultant to teacher as a means to facilitate supervision (Bernard & Goodyear, 2014). We will focus on process issues, conceptualization issues and personalization issues (Bernard & Goodyear, 1996). I will also focus on your strengths using the Strength Based model. Many times we tend to focus on what we are doing wrong and don’t think of the areas where we excel. I want to you know what you are good at, while challenging you to go to another level in counseling. Lastly, there are times when we will use videoconferencing as a means of supervision. This will done using adobe connect. Please note there is not 100% guarantee of security when using electronic communication (Vaccaro & Lambie, 2007). Overall, I will look at your therapy skills, how to conceptualize cases, how you personify or internalize your cases, cultural competence and your willingness to grow. I believe this eclectic supervision approach will give you what you need to be equipped and a well-rounded therapist.

One of my main roles as a clinical supervisor is a gatekeeper, in which will not be taken lightly. The ACA Code of Ethics (2014) will serve as a guide to ensure there haven’t been any ethical violations. When cultural or ethical concerns are being addressed with will be in the teacher role. As we all make mistakes we want to ensure our mistakes are not harmful to the client. Please know that you are not alone in this process and that I am here for you when you need me. This is a working relationship and we will work through your cases on a minimum of a weekly basis.

Although I know you would love me as your counselor; ethically, I cannot serve as a counselor to you. Should you need personal counseling, I can provide you with a list of resources so you can get the help you need. Please review so you have a complete understanding of my role, as well as yours. My role includes maintaining the safety and well-being of clients at all times. In order to ensure safety of clients I will keep a detailed record of our sessions together. I encourage you to maintain your own records.
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